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Architrac 94005 Curtain Rod System

Architrac 94005 Curtain Rod
Architrac 94005 Curtain Rod
16 foot Color Selection
  • Assembled sets includes necessary components.
  • Heavy duty, wheeled (RipplefoldTM) or ball bearing (pleated) carriers.
  • Can also be curved or bent (also requires technical expertise for this operation).
  • Ceiling mount only, indeed (Track pre-drilled 16” on center for direct ceiling mount).
  • Fiberglass, steel or PVC baton attached to the lead master carrier is recommended for traversing the draperies.

Install according to instructions.
Of coarse, pre-drilled holes are located every 16” on
the track. Specifically, the track is mounted directly to the
ceiling through the holes using proper
screw for mounting surface.

94005 architrac aluminum track
94005 Curtain Rod Specs

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