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Parts to make a Curtain rod and roller shade combination

9000 Series bracket
Kirsch 9000 Series wall bracket
Adjustable shade bracket
Adjustable roller shade bracket
Kirsch 9000 series rod bracket
9000 Series front view
assembled-shade-rod-bracket combination
Shown after attaching shade bracket to the rod bracket
9000 Series bracket
9000 Series Wall mount left and right side

Shade and rod bracket combination parts


  • Oval rod goes in front, spring Roller Shade in back
  • Rod White Finish
  • Shade bracket metal finish
  • Includes 9000 Regular Duty Bracket
  • Includes Adjustable Shade bracket
  • Return  3 1⁄2″ – 4 1⁄2″, rod bracket without the shade bracket
  • Clearance 2″ – 3″, rod bracket without the shade bracket
  • Used by Housing Authority Properties and capable of many other installations
  • Tapping screws can be used to  attach shade bracket to rod bracket
  • Note: assemble not included
  • Priced by the pair, minimum 20 pair(includes Shade Bracket & Rod bracket)

200 in stock. Shade and rod bracket combination parts quantity: 

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White Sash Rod 7/16″ Single

7/16" sash rod
7/16″ sash rod

7/16″ sash rod
White Sash Rod 7/16″ Single

Adjust 18″ to 28″
One set per pack
Mounting hardware included
White Sash Rod 7/16″ Single quantity
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EditWhite Sash Rod 7/16″ Single
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White Sash Rod 7/16″ Single:
Designed to mount on the sash of a window, normally at the top and bottom. Curtain is shirred onto the rod for desired fullness close to the sash of the window.

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New Polished Chrome Finish Altran Collection

New Polished Chrome Finish Altran Collection includes rods, brackets, finials and rings. Both 3/4″ diameter and 1 3/16″ diameter rods and components.

Newest Addition!
To Metal by Altran Cl ass ic Collection Polished Chrome.
Make a unique statement with this inspired collection of Polished Chrome drapery hardware. Combining a bright, contemporary finish with elegant functionality, this is a refreshing new addition to Metal by Altran.

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Belmont Wood Drapery Hardware Sale

Belmont Wood Drapery Hardware is made using the finest quality of solid wood in the Northern Region of Spain. Belmont is a collection of 1 3/8 ̋ and 2 ̋ diameter poles, accessories, and traverse rods which are available in 9 finishes in each diameter.

Introductory Sale Through October! Enjoy an extra 5% over the already competitive pricing

Belmont Poles are offered in 4 ft., 6 ft., and 8 ft. lengths with a choice of smooth or reeded styles. These are single segment poles without finger joints giving each pole a beautiful consistent finish. All finials are solid wood and craved to design.

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Belmont Metal Drapery Rods

Belmont Metal Drapery Hardware is a collection of 13/16 ̋ diameter poles, finials, and accessories. The collection is offered in 5 finishes and includes 7 finial designs. Belmont Metal poles are offered in 6 ft., 8 ft., and 12 ft. lengths. Easy to see and order all available products in this line with only four pages to navigate. This is how ordering online should be as it makes it easy for you, the customer.

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BasicQ has a Sash Curtain Rod for You

BasicQ has a Sash Curtain Rod for Your window From small side windows to large windows. Made by Kirsch, a drapery hardware leader for over 100 years.

Sash rod
Clear Sash Rod Single
$14.00 – $15.10
Sash curtain rod

11/16″ flat sash rod
Sash Rod Flat 11/16 Inch construction
$5.10 – $5.50
Sash curtain rod

5/16″ sash door rod
Sash Rod Flat 5/16 Inch
$4.60 – $5.80
Select options5/16" sash door rod

11/16″ flat sash rod
Sash Rod Flat Lockseam 11/16 Inch
$7.60 – $12.50
Select options

Door Sash Tension Rod Zinc Spring Coil
Double Lockseam Curtain Rod

7/16″ sash rod
White Sash Rod 7/16″ Single
7/16" sash rod

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Covid Business Social Distancing

Covid Business Social Distancing ideals for Restaurants, Gyms, Hair Salons, Barber shops, Nail Salons and open office areas.9600 curtain rod Track systemThe Architrac is used for cubicle curtains and showers in Nursing Homes and hospitals around the country. This application can be used with a little planning in restaurants, gyms, hair salons barber shops and more. Together with the suspension bar and connector chains it can be used either suspended from ceiling or from wall. A special easy glide roller carrier coupled with hook attachment allows regular shower curtains to be used as eyelets are already on them. Also, shower curtains come in clear which works well in public areas where blocking the view is not wanted. Of coarse it is easy to assemble all the pieces needed to complete you project. Covid Business Social Distancing ideals for Business.

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