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Covid Business Social Distancing

Covid Business Social Distancing ideals for Restaurants, Gyms, Hair Salons, Barber shops, Nail Salons and open office areas.9600 curtain rod Track systemThe Architrac is used for cubicle curtains and showers in Nursing Homes and hospitals around the country. This application can be used with a little planning in restaurants, gyms, hair salons barber shops and more. Together with the suspension bar and connector chains it can be used either suspended from ceiling or from wall. A special easy glide roller carrier coupled with hook attachment allows regular shower curtains to be used as eyelets are already on them. Also, shower curtains come in clear which works well in public areas where blocking the view is not wanted. Of coarse it is easy to assemble all the pieces needed to complete you project. Covid Business Social Distancing ideals for Business.

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