Curtain and Drapery Rods

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Curtain and drapery rods

BasicQ offers the entire Kirsch drapery and curtain hardware line. This includes all the parts and pieces required to repair or build your own DIY custom track. Specifically, all rod and pole accessories offered are made to coordinate and fit its specific brand. Likewise, all brackets, rings, finials and other accessories can be used with other brands. Of coarse, the exact size and color will probably not be the same.

Curtain and drapery rods

Years of experience in designing innovative products for the window covering industry made Kirsch curtain and drapery rods one of the top drapery and curtain hardware companies in the world. From the basic curtain to decorative wood and metal designer rods, Kirsch tries to cover your windows. Home and commercial applications are among the offerings of the Kirsch line. Come, take a look at what is offered by BasicQ from the Kirsch  product line.

Kirsch History

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Featured Curtain Rods and Parts

  • 3/8" solid round rod

    3/8″ Solid Steel Curtain Rods 144 feet per Box

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  • Superfine one way left

    Kirsch Traverse Rod One-Way Draw Left

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  • Traverse rod, curtain rod combination

    Graber SHD Traverse and Curtain Rod

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  • Super Heavy Duty Traverse Rod

    Graber Super Heavy Duty Double Traverse Rod

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  • Graber super Heavy Duty

    Graber Super Heavy Duty Traverse Rod

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  • Coil spring sash curtain rod

    Door Sash Tension Rod Zinc Spring Coil

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  • Barrel Bracket 1" projection

    Barrel Bracket Clearance 1”

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  • Wall mount barrel bracket

    Barrel Bracket with Clearance of 3/8 inch

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  • R-Trac Clip Baton

    Clear Acrylic Baton

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  • R-Trac one way right

    R-TRAC Super Heavy-Duty One-Way Right Draw Traverse Rods

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  • R-Trac One Way Left

    R-TRAC Super Heavy-Duty One-Way Left Draw Traverse Rods

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  • R-Trac-Split-Draw

    R-TRAC Super Heavy-Duty Two-Way Draw Traverse Rods

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On Sale

  • Satin Nickel

    Belmont 1 3/16″ Rod Rings and More Over Stock

    Sale! $18.00
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  • Satin Nickel

    Belmont 1 3/16″ Rod Brackets Over Stock

    Sale! $7.00$14.00
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  • Double track bracket

    Architrac Double Wall Bracket for 94001/94003

    Sale! $11.52$17.27
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  • 94001 right pulley

    Architrac 94001 Pulley Left 1″ Ball Bearing White

    Sale! $7.29
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Best Sellers

  • 9000 series track

    Oval Rod Series 9001 Track 12 feet long

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  • Architrac 9046 curtain rod track

    Architrac track rod 9046-12 Series extruded aluminum

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  • snap tab slide

    Snap tab slide for 9046 Tracks

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  • traverse cord hold down

    Tension Device for Traverse Rod

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