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Curtain Rod Parts Store

Curtain rod parts for Kirsch, Design Elements and Select wood and metal rods

Looking for replacement parts to use that curtain or drapery rod you have had for a while? If you can not find it at Home Depot, Lowes or WalMart, come to and take a look around. We have access to all the parts and pieces made by Kirch and all the other product lines we offer.

Need curtain rod bracket holders, extra slides, rings or looking for a new look in finials for your existing rod? This is the right place to start. Don’t get me wrong. Heck, I even frequent the wonderful stores for many items. Reality is, even these giants do not have everything available from all the manufactures they represent within their walls. They have to chose what they consider the most popular parts of the entire line to take up space in their stores. After all, it is brick and mortar and it cost a lot to bring products to you in this manor.

So, come on in and give us a try.

Note: Mark this page and come back often. I will update with more of the many thousands of items available at BasicQ curtain Rod Supply.