Continental II Rod

Continental II Rods measures 2 1/2″ on the face. In fact, it makes a good valance for curtains.


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  • continental-component

    2 1⁄2 inch Continental® II Components

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  • Continental Bay Window Rod

    Continental II Bay Window Curtain Rods

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  • Continental Rod and plain rod

    Continental II Curtain Combination with Plain Rod

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  • Continental Extended Clearance Rod

    Continental II Curtain Rod Extended Clearance

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  • Continental Rod fixed Bracket

    Continental II Curtain Rod Fixed Bracket

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  • Continental Rod

    Continental II Curtain Rods

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  • Continental Curved Rod

    Continental II Curved Curtain Rods

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  • Continental Tension Rod

    Continental II Spring Pressure Shower Rod

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Showing all 8 results