Graber Super Duty Slimline Baton Draw Track


  • FINISH: White (1) Aluminum (0)
  •  Sold in 12 foot lengths, price is per foot
  • Slides can be added via trap door at each end of the rod.
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Graber Super Duty Slimline Baton Draw Track

  • Baton Draw 9–657
  • Description:
    • Super duty baton draw
    • Especially designed for motels, hotels, dormitories, and commercial buildings with rolling carriers to provide maximum sturdiness for heavier weight drapery • Will accommodate three pleating systems—roll, stack, and pinch
  • Advantages:
    •  Carries more weight without losing smooth efficiency
    • Use for ceiling or wall mount
    • Comes in custom–measured assembled sets
  • Front loading rolling or sliding carriers
      • Baton on outside of draperies Baton Draw 9–657
  • Maximum fabric weight
      • 1 3⁄4 pound per foot
  • Maximum track lengths
      • 30 pound and 16 feet–1 way
      •  60 pound and 32 feet–2 way
  • Can curve to any angle using 12″ radius
  • Can be reverse curved, with limitations
  • Pleat system:
      • Pinch pleat
      • Roll pleat
      • Stack pleat

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Additional information

Dimensions12 × 3 × 1 in

Aluminum, White

Cut for Fedex Shipping

Cut for Fedex, No Cuts



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