Graber Super Heavy Duty Traverse Rod


  • FINISH: White (1)
  • RETURN: 3 1⁄4″–4 3/ 4″
  • Projects 2 3⁄4″–4 1⁄4″; clearance 2″–3 1⁄2″
  • Ball bearing end pulley for easier opening and closing
  • Additional accessories available
  • Packed with cord tension pulley.
  • Select from two way draw or one way draw -left or right
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Graber Super Heavy Duty Traverse Rod are available in Two-Way, One-Way Right and One-Way Left draw configurations. Also available in double combinations of two SHD traverse rods and a Traverse Rod and plain rod (for sheer curtain) combination.

  • Quality Notes: Super Heavy Duty (SHD) Traverse Rods
    • Ball Bearing End Pulleys
    • Featured in: super heavy duty rods
    • Designed for long life and minimum draw force
    • Operate smoothly and quietly
  • Adjustable–Reversible Master Carrier
    • Featured in: super heavy duty rods  Vary drapery overlap on either master base; overlap arm locks securely into one of six positions
    • Reverses for one–way conversion with the adjustment of a single screw from front of rod
  • Super Heavy Duty Traverse Rod (0–600 Series)
    • Strong .0165 gauge steel with contour tapered profile allows draperies to hang neater and provides smooth operation on the longest extensions
    • Rod edges are deburred and rounded for smooth traversing
    • Laced with continuous #33⁄4 braided cord
    • Ceiling or wall mount options
  • Quality Notes: Traverse Rods
    Traverse Rod Terms
    • Rod width is measured from outside of end bracket to outside of end bracket
    • Return is the distance needed for the drapery panel to cover the rod

    • projection from the wall; returns may vary according  to workroom standards
      • Projection is the distance from the wall to the front of the rod
      • Overlap of the panel occurs when the drapery panels are drawn closed
  • Drapery Tips
    Hanging Drapery:
    • Hang panels starting from master carrier
    • Pinch hook tight on master carriers to prevent hangups or snags
    • Don’t skip slides; slide extras to end of rod to remove through gate
  • Training Drapery:
    • To help a pleated drapery stack neatly, crease or “break” the stiffened heading between the pleats by folding the space between each pleat in half and running your thumb and forefingers up  and down the buckram, thereby “creasing” the ­buckram
    •  For a conventional traverse rod, crease the buckram away from the rod, towards the room
    • For a decorative rod with rings, fold and crease the buckram back towards the walland away from the room Traverse the draperies to their stacked, open position, smooth the pleats and folds, and loosely tie with cloth strips in two or three places; let stand two or three days, then untie; draperies should now traverse and stack neatly and smoothly

Additional information

SHD Size

30-48 Inches, 38-68 inches, 48-84 inches, 66-120 inches, 84-156 inches

SHD Draw

Two-Way, One-Way Right, One-Way Left



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