K-Rail Functional Design Full Box 128 feet


  • Cut to Size Track Only, Build your own system
  • Most Versatile Baton Draw Track
  • Heavy Duty, Wheeled (Ripplefold) or Ball Bearing (Pleated) carriers
  • Wall or Ceiling Mount Optional
  • Baton Options Optional
  • Can use all Kirsch 1 3/8″ Finials, Note: many Finials coordinate in color
  • You may also like… Has parts needed to build your way
Kirsch Curtain Rods for draperies


K-Rail Functional Design Cut to Size

K-Rail Specs

  • Versatile baton draw track adds a decorative element allowing
    for color coordination
  • Compatible with every 1 3⁄8″ finial
  • Color coordinated to match with any finish
  • Heavy duty, wheeled RipplefoldTM or ball bearing pleated carriers
  • Wall or ceiling mount available
  • Fiberglass, steel or PVC baton attached to the lead master

Architrac® K-Rail aluminum curtain rod Series  16 feet Max length

Baton Draw  Ceiling or Wall Mount for Cubicle, Pleated or Ripplefold TM Systems. Now you can make this durable extruded rod system decorative by adding any 1 3/8″ Finial from the wood or metal collections.



Kirsch Curtain Rods for draperies

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