R-TRAC Super Heavy-Duty Two-Way Draw Traverse Rods


  • Two-Way Draw using a baton that is extra cost.
  • Super heavy-duty track and brackets offer sturdy support for long, heavy draperies. Durable glides and end pulleys with bearings provide smooth, quiet and easy operation.
  • Bisque finish. Projects 2 ¾” – 3 ½”, clearance is 2″ – 2 ¾”.
  • For rods up to 84”, weight capacity is recommended at 1.5 lbs per foot. When using 2 or more center supports weight can increase to 2 lbs. per foot. For rods over 84″, capacity is 1 lb. per foot, unless using 2 or more center supports, then weight can increase to 1.5 lbs. per foot.
  • Installation hardware, patent-pending, ANSI-compliant drive tension device and instructions included. This system no longer comes with traverse cord. Batons must be installed to operate the drapery, and are sold separately. Hidden baton only. Overlap stiffener and baton with plastic adaptor ring are not compatible with this system.
  • TV6052/BT ships via truck freight.
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R-TRAC Super Heavy-Duty Two-Way Draw Traverse Rods are truly cordless and can be operated by hand using a clear baton mounted behind the drapery.

Additional information

R-Trac Size Traverse Rods

30" – 48", 48" – 84", 66" – 120"