Snap Tape and Accessories—Super Duty Slimline

Architectural Track Cutting Allowance
Connected Carriers
• Used with roll pleat draperies
• The carrier spacing determines the drapery fullness and ­
stackback width
• Cord is polyester; wheels are nylon; carriers are acetate
Cutting Track AllowanceAssembly
Super Duty SlimlineTwo–way cord draw
One–way cord draw
Baton draw
2 1⁄2″
Contrack 9–804
Two–way cord draw6″
Contrack 9–804One–way cord draw3″
Contrack 9–808 or 9–8191Baton draw0

Deduct the cutting allowance from the rod width to determine the
cut rod length. Cutting allowance accommodates pulley housings.

Stack Pleat Snap Tape
• Spacing ­determines the width of drapery
stacking and projection depth
• Fullness is determined by
drapery fabrication
Roll Pleat Draperies
• Use connected snap carriers with
41⁄4″ on center snap tape
• Carrier spacing determines fullness and
stack back
• Recommend a 1″ heading
Rolling Swivel Carriers
• Available on super duty slimline systems
• Provide for smooth traversing, even with
heavy drapery loads
• Wheels are nylon; carriers are acetate
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