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Drapery Rod Parts, Kirsch Superfine

Yes, BasicQ has support parts for just about every curtain and drapery rod we sell. The rod sale does not have to be the end of service a customer needs. Common component part replacements for the Kirsch Superfine Traverse Rods.

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Kirsch superfine traverse rod

Industry standard developed in the early 1900’s and improved over the last century to be one of the most used basic traverse rods ever made. Comes in one way right, one way left as well as the center opening and closing model, Made of durable steel with a white finish to blend with most ceiling colors. Oh, they come with all the bracket holders and hardware needed for installation. One more thing is they are designed to hold most ready made draperies on the market. Equally important they are adjustable with telescoping inner connected rods. Also, we have added full box pricing to save even more of the tight budget window treatments sometimes fall into. Come visit, let us show you what we have to offer. Of coarse, we ship your Kirsch Superfine traverse rods to you within a day or two and most sizes ship under our Free Shipping policy

Kirsch Traverse Rods – Sets

Kirsch traverse rods, use in the home, office and many other places. Indeed, Superfine traverse rods have been an industry standard for many years. Includes everything you need for installation.Default sortingSort by popularitySort by average ratingSort by latestSort by price: low to highSort by price: high to low 

Kirsch Superfine Traverse Rods

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The slim design of the quiet, yet powerful motor and the position on the track allows the motor to tuck seamlessly behind your drapery panel so you’ll never have to sacrifice your style or comfort. For safety measures, you’re able to move the draperies with a gentle tug, allowing for operation when a remote is not present or if a guest is unaware of the motorization feature. This safety feature also allows
the disengagement of the motor from the carriers in case of a power outage so draperies may be opened in the event of an emergency. BrizaTM Motorization is available on our most popular traversing tracks, Estate and Architrac® Series 94001 and in drapery header styles Ripplefold-TM and pleated for a variety of styling options. This is comfortable living at its finest.

Note: Coming soon on the 94001 made to measure track systems.

Briza Motorization
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Kirsch Wood Trend Collection for 2020

Kirsch Wood Trend Collection for 2020 includes four new Finial designs.

The clean, natural lines of the Wood Trends Collection also inspires everyday living with its expertly crafted
styles. Equality important, Get into your comfort zone with the Wood Trends Collection.

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Kirsch Designer Metal Curtain Rods What’s New

Kirsch Designer Metal Curtain Rods What’s New for 2020? PDF file below contains the changes coming for 2020. Most importantly, a 1 3/8″ diameter for Designer Metal Estate assembled curtain rod. Also, a keystone cover is available for joining two rods for wide width and also can be used to eliminate the common carrier truck shipping on traverse rods over 104 inches. Additionally, a new inside mount socket hanger bracket is added.

Visti our Designer Metal collection

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How To Measure Side Side Pane Draperies

How To Measure Side Side Pane Draperies includes “what is a side panel” as well as the width and height considerations. Also includes Designer Tips on what rod to use and how to apply the curtain or drapery to the side panel. The pdf file below explains in detail.

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Drapery Installation Instructions

Drapery Installation Instructions include pleated style drapery side panels. In addition, we have instructions for how to measure regular draperies. Also grommet style side panels installation. From getting started instructions to tools needed, Kirsch again has the follow through needed to complete your project. As a matter of fact, take a look at the Kirsch professional pdf file below for additional information.

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